About Rae...

A fluent Welsh speaker, Rae, as health and fitness expert, has for over 6 years on S4C’s FFIT Cymru – the life transformation tv programme, helped not only the programme’s 30 leaders, but thousands of people across Wales and the rest of the UK to improve their health and fitness.

Rae created the first ever Welsh language couch to 5k app/podcast, for both fluent Welsh speakers and learners – and to date it’s been downloaded over 25 thousand times!

You can work out FOR FREE with Rae on FFIT CYMRU’S YOUTUBE channel!

She guests regularly on QVC UK, the UK’s largest home shopping and lifestyle network, as their health and fitness expert, advising on all aspects of at home fitness, and has been a brand ambassador for JML, High St TV, Smile Science and more! She is the UK brand ambassador for the market leader in percussive therapy, creators of the Theragun: Therabody.

Rae regularly appears as fitness and health expert on many magazine TV and radio shows.

She is a regular contributor as health and fitness influencer for written and online publications too.

Rae is represented by Regan Management.

Rae was always fit and healthy as a teenager and in her early twenties. It was after the traumatic birth of her son in 2002, where both she and her son nearly died, that she gained over 6 stone in weight, and put her own health on the back burner to care for her son.

A few pin-point moments with ill health meant that Rae took action and started to care for herself. While presenting for 11 years on shopping television channel, Gemporia, she embarked on her health and fitness journey, losing over 6 stone. She loved her journey so much, she re-trained, gained many qualifications within the fitness and wellbeing arena, and left the world of shopping TV and set up LiveFIT Wales, her first wellbeing company. Through the success of the company, she then went on to manage a gym, owned by global front runner AnytimeFitness UK, and set up her new wellbeing company Life Changer/Newid Byd.

Rae lives in and works from Penarth.